Anyone is welcome to participate in helping us collaborate with others to restore the health and proper functioning of the watershed, the wildlife, and fisheries. Many opportunities are available to be proactive. Please help support or get involved in helping us address current issues affecting the East Fork Lewis River.

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Participate in project work. Join quarterly meetings to hear updates or express your concerns. Give us feedback and ideas on what you think needs to be done.

Contribution of tax deductible funds, time, skills or even donate the use of equipment or supplies on restoration projects.

Watershed Stewards at Washington State University

During the last few years, Friends of The East Fork, whose membership is made up of local landowners and Clark County residents, has been working with Fish First of the North Fork, which is a very active fish and stream restoration group located out of nearby Woodland, WA. We also work selectively with other local land stewardship/conservation groups to reverse the deteriorating channel conditions on the river and to restore the fish habitat. Friends has teamed up with Fish First using their professional “Stream Restoration Team” experience and learning from their success gained in doing over 8 miles of stream and fish habitat restoration on Cedar Creek, which is part of the North Fork of the Lewis River and just to the north of the East Fork.

In the last few years through cooperation with Fish First and grant funding, we have been doing similar projects on the lower East Fork. Working with landowners, we have completed 4 major restoration projects on the East Fork and it’s tributary streams. We will be doing at least 2 more in the near future, but we need continued support and involvement to maintain progress.

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